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Energy Audit

An energy audit systematically identifies and develops opportunities to help reduce energy consumption and decrease a building's operating costs. Audits can vary in scope and complexity defined by ASHRAE's three levels of energy audits:

  • Level I, which is a walk-through analysis

  • Level II, which is a detailed energy survey  analysis

  • Level III, which is a highly detailed analysis of energy usage and efficiency and gives ROI of capital-intensive modifications.


Energy Profiling

Managing your energy is not rocket science, but it does require expertise, process and experience to get it right. We typically begin with audits and profiling as these processes allow you to see what energy you are consuming and just 'how" you are consuming that energy. Energy profiling is the "how", and is a critically important part of the process allowing you to make important decisions about your energy expenditure and the general efficiency of your usage. Energy profiling is thus directly tied to your cost-savings and efficiency of your energy plan. Let us help you get his done effectively and accurately.


Energy Project Design

We offer our design/build contracting services for energy systems as a robust project delivery method in which a project’s design, approval and construction phases are part of a single design/build contract. This approach is rapidly replacing traditional bidding as the preferred method for energy project development and retrofits and, in our field, is the best solution for the client.

Our collaborative design/build approach minimizes risk for the facility’s owner and accelerates an energy project’s delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of integrated energy projects while engaging all necessary external stake holders to the process to deliver a seamless project.

Solar PV Services

Solar energy solutions have long been accessible and affordable in the Caribbean in both photovoltaic and hot-water solutions. Given the high price of fossil-fuel based energy, the cost solar technologies will only get better with time. Powersource provides residential, commercial, industrial and investment-grade solar PV and thermal solutions through factory- and manufacturer-direct relationships, thus providing best quality and output per investment dollar. Come in and talk to us about the solutions that best suit your needs.

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Monitoring Solutions

Our remote monitoring technologies leverage wire-free sensors and powerful analytics to drive operational excellence and improve efficiency and compliance, maintain quality control, and respond to issues quickly – before risk to public health or loss of product inventory.

We offer remote monitoring of energy systems, as well as enterprise IoT solutions for food safety, facilities monitoring, pharmaceutical safety, and supply chain visibility. Each solution is built to provide the flexibility and control you need to ensure brand standards, protect your customers, and eliminate inventory loss and energy losses.

BioEnergy Solutions

PowerSource provides complete project services for bioenergy solutions such as waste-to-energy plants and algae biofuel facilities using advanced modern technologies. We work with our design and research partners to develop and construct the facilities and through to operational commissioning of all the energy technologies we promote.

Our manufacturing partners are jointly committed to our goal of high-quality project implementation and client satisfaction.

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