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  • Can PowerSource assist us in finding financing for our energy projects?
    The sort answer is yes. The long answer is that we need to discuss teh type of energy project you have in mind and the scope of works will determine whether financing is possible and with which financial institutions. Contact us to discuss your project goals so that we determine can financing options for you.
  • What smart home technology does PowerSource provide?
    We work with a number partners to creat a cohesive smart home system for our clients. At the simplest level of home conversion with minimal physical or structural changes, we have products from Emporia Energy. You can view their smart home solution here and order from PowerSource for best local pricing and installation.
  • Does PowerSource have smart technology solutions for offices?
    Yes we do. Call us to discuss your smart tech and security needs so we can guide your process through to installation.
  • What can I control with smart technology from PowerSource?
    Smart tech today can do everything from simply monitoring your home via video cameras, to opening doors and gates remotely for someone when you are half-way around the world (or just on the road). Smart tech is especially important when intergrated during the development and construction process. This way there is no replacement cost and the technology is installed with zero retrofit and remedial work as building design would have included the requisite spacing, positioning, cable trunking, and other infrastructural needs. Contact us about your goals and let us discuss your options.
  • What solar technologies does PowerSource offer?
    We offer solar energy soultions in the categories of photovoltaics and thermal solutions as follows: 1. all-scale (all-size) photovoltaics 2. commercial thermal cooling & healting 3. commercial, institutional and industrial hot water Our international partners have extensive design and implementation experience and have been creating solutions for decades globally. Our solution to the Digicel HQ building in Jamaica offsets as mucg as 48% of the building's energy use and that was limited only because of available roof installation space. Give us a call. We have what you need.
  • Can PowerSource help me decide what type or size solar PV system I need?
    PowerSource always determines teh optimal size of the solar PV system a customer needs before sending a final quote. We follow a proven approach to determining the best system design for your needs. We design solar photovoltaic systems for clients with focus on: 1. residential 2. commercial 3. agricultural 4. industrial Our process involves using a staged response system where the client pays for design, procurement and installation services. Preliminary site assessment is free to the customer and the only expenses we require to be reimbursed are travel and toll expenses. What is better, if you decide to secure our services, we will include these expenses as a part of the overall cost of your system.
  • Is solar my only option to reduce costs?
    Absolutely not! There are many technologies available to help reducing your energy cost and solar PV is in fact one of the very last steps to take in reducing and replacing your energy usage. Energy management and energy conservation is a process and when done right can be very cost-effective and will get you the best possible savings for your investment dollars. Call our office or contact us via email to discuss your needs and your options. We are an energy solutions company and solar pv is only one of the many solutions we offer.
  • Can I buy inverters and panels from your company?
    PowerSource's business model involves designing, procuring and installing your solar PV system with follow-up maintenance and support services. This means we typically do not stock a large number of solar PV parts and almost never for retail (naturally, if we can assist under special circumstances then we will). Typically PowerSource does not retail or distribute individual solar system parts, however, we do provide materials for projects should there be procurement need that we can assist with and offer volume discounts directly from our manufacturing partners.
  • Does PowerSource offer servicing and maintenance for solar PV systems?
    Yes we do. Call or email us for details.
  • Can PowerSource take over the management of my PV system?
    Yes. If you are in need of a partner to manage your solar PV plant's operations an dits maintenance and servicing then PowerSource can definitely provide this support in a cost-effective manner. Contact us to discuss your options.
  • What kinds of window film products does PowerSource offer?
    PowerSource offers commercial window film products that address a range of needs including: 1. energy control (heat rejection) 2. light control and redirection 3. interior design/decor and privacy (patterned) 4. reflective or half-silvered (visibility control) 5. colored and design-specific 6. safety, security and blast/explosion protection Contact us to discuss your needs as it is very likely we have the solution you need.
  • Is PowerSource the exclusive installer of 3M commercial window films?
    Yes. PowerSource is the only company in Jamaica registered and certified to install and give manufacturer's warranty (7-12 years) from 3M for their commercial windowfilm products. If you call 3M Jamaica, they will direct you to us without delay.
  • Does PowerSource offer other brands of window film?
    Yes we do. PowerSource offers other window film products depending on the customer's needs and project requirements. 3M offers the best range and quality products in the windowfilm market and we appreciate that not every product may be specified to use a 3M product. Contact us for options.
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