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Energy Systems Monitoring & Support

Powering Tomorrow - You Cannot Make Effective Decisions Without Information


Energy Profiling (Residential & Commercial)

Sometimes, to make energy adjustment decisions, we need to know how and when we use energy the most. A load profile shows how much energy a building uses at each time of the day for each day of the year or other specified period. It is a critical first step to evaluating the financial return any energy installation will offer. A load profile is also helpful in determining what energy solutions will best meet a customer’s needs. This is the case whether the customer is a homeowner or the owner of a commercial or industrial building. The information from the profiling exercise can assist with understanding when to make changes and which changes may be most effective in meeting energy-related goals.


Solar PV System Monitoring

All solar PV systems we install will include online monitoring of factors such as power produced, voltage, current levels, production status and more. Our premium installations will carry a lot more information and even allow for smart integration of energy management solutions to show whole-house usage even down to the circuit and or equipment level.


Our monitoring solutions are very cost-effective and are designed to give you running access to details you would normally only be able to access via an energy audit. Let us show you how your building breathes.


Residential Energy Monitor

The decision to go solar, buy a new refrigerator, get rid of an old water heater, or any of a number of big financial energy decisions for a homeowner can seem daunting when there seems to be is nothing but "best practice" guiding that decision. Our home energy monitoring solutions allow you to see the usage of your appliances, lights, and anything else that contributes to your energy usage so that you can make a confident decision on where to spend your hard-earned money next!

We put the decision-making tools into your hands and we can help you monitor your usage as well. Now you will never be in a position to not understanding your energy bill, in fact you will now be able to control it.

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Commercial Energy Monitor

Our energy monitoring tools are ours, however, we can provide you with onsite equipment that gives you precise, consistent energy usage readings for every second of the day. You can now see how your building uses energy on a consistent basis and we bring this to you in a number of technologies all with smart interaction and possibility of integration to existing building management systems.

Let's discuss what you need, and let's get the energy ball rolling. You can now see and decide on which energy technology may have the best impact on your bottomline and leave you with the best footprint in the environment.

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