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PowerSource Industries provides energy security and efficiency management solutions for commercial and residential needs. We aim to be the energy services company of choice between consumers and financial institutions in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region.


More and more commercial and residential customers in Jamaica are purchasing alternative energy solutions for electricity and biogas supplied from an energy service company (ESCO). Learning about the competitive energy marketplace, and how to take advantage of it, requires understanding of some basic information and Powersource can assist you and guide you across hurdles you do not want to cross. There are some things you do not want to learn the hard way, we can ensure you don't.

PowerSource provides full ESCO-type solutions as well as partial sales oriented supply of parts and smarts for a number of energy system types and solutions. We have a fully capable in-house team that can easily design, procure, and deliver your solutions and when they need maintenance support and upkeep, we do that too!


We're here for your best interest! Download a copy of our executive profile or company brochure here.






PowerSource is the divested implementation and product distribution partner of ECHOS Consulting Limited. When the clients of ECHOS asked for clarity between the firm's products and services, the board of ECHOS decided to fully remove its product and hardware portfolio and team and trust this expertise to a separate company - PowerSource. PowerSource therefore delivers to the quality and value expected of ECHOS, with a focus that is specific to energy and smart tech, and driven by its own team of professionals. We are here to deliver your goals and to remove your headaches while putting the power back into your hands.


PowerSource delivers solutions for clients, sometimes even when they do not realize they need them. PowerSource, though new, has a team with well over 60 years combined experience in troubleshooting and delivering energy and commercial waste solutions for our clients. Whether your project requires window heat treatments, insulation for any application, sun control, energy conservation, energy efficiency, or even the application and implementation of alternative and renewable energy solutions such as solar photovoltaics, PowerSource is your best stop. We're not the cheapest. But we deliver the best projects. See our projects here.


We never give up! Every project you bring to us is different and our team knows this so they spend the time and effort required to deliver solutions for you that our competitors may not. When you call on PowerSource, you will know within your first conversation that you have made the right call. You may not always hear what you want to hear, but you will realize that what you hear is what you need to hear to make sure your decisions actually deliver your goals without disappointment. Bear in mind that sometimes what you think you want and what you actually need may have nothing common. Come in, call in, or send us an email. Let's talk. Let's win. Together.


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