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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Powering Tomorrow - Your Energy Served Sunny Side Up


Residential Solar PV

PowerSource provides solar photovoltaic (electricity) solutions in a variety of configurations and applications ranging from complete solar installations for the entire home to smaller, simpler outdoor lighting solutions for walkways and gardens.


We have designed standardized residential systems for the Jamaican situation with our manufacturing partners and can quickly give a cost estimate and benefit outline of a solar pv system to your specific circumstances. 


Contact us and our team of professionals will walk you through securing your solar PV system by asking you the questions so you can determine if solar PV is right for you.

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Commercial Solar PV

We  provide commercial solar solutions using solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technology to offset significant portions of your commercial energy bills. We develop, design, install, and commission projects involving:

  • building-integrated solar PV (electricity)

  • solar process heating/cooling and air-conditioning

  • solar generator lease programs

  • solar street & security lights

  • solar process heating and cooling


Contact us for more information on developing and designing your commercial solar PV systems.

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Agricultural Solar PV

PowerSource has installed over 500 kW of solar PV in the agricultural sector in Jamaica to offset electrical power consumption from the grid by approximately 864,000 kWh per annum with a further reduction of 195,000 kWh from use of high-efficiency agriculture-specific LED lights.


Our team has installed complete electrical systems, upgraded and improved agricultural facilities to ensure efficient operations and minimized electrical utility bills. We begin with an assessment of your usage that tells us how and when you are consuming electricity and after we agree (together  with you) on these factors, then we generate a proposal that is specific to your agricultural business set up. Financing is possible. Contact us for more information.

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Investment-Scale Solar PV

We work with international power and manufacturing partners to design, manage, install and commission utility-scale solar PV projects.


Investment-grade or utility-scale solar projects are now much more common and acceptable ways of supplying electricity for municipalities whether for new residential or commercial developments or for areas where the system will supply electricity or district cooling / heating services for multiple users.  In Jamaica, your utility-scale project would need to be self-consumed or you would need a license to sell power to the utility grid. Contact us for more information on developing your investment potential and interest in utility-scale solar photovoltaic systems.

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