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Should I go solar?

Solar electric power is actually for everybody if we want to make a positive impact to reduce the impacts of climate change, however, the reality is that most decisions on investments such as solar PV are made base don cost and returns (how quickly it will pay for itself). We can't argue against this as solar PV can cost to a pretty penny and is definitely not one of those impulse-buy items.

There are many benefits to having a solar photovoltaic system installed at your home or commercial space, the most obvious of which is reduced energy bills and some amount of energy security. Other benefits can include:

- shading the roof and reducing roof-related heat load

- strengthening the purlins and structure of your roof

- increasing home and commercial property value

- improving financial efficiency and reduced expense position

This list is not exhausted but we're sure you get the picture. Solar power is free energy from the sun, but it can quickly become a nightmare if not done right. Solar PV installation is not rocket science, but it does involve engineering expertise and should not be taken lightly. Wrong installation decisions can lead to electrical shocks or even to entire properties being burnt to the ground.

Ensure your installer is a certified person and make sure he/she has taken every step to make your installation legal as we all know that ignorance is no excuse for breaches of the law.

When you are considering solar PV investment a few things must come to mind and we recommend the following be part of your checklist and questions you ask your solar PV salesperson:

  1. Are you certified, licensed and insured?

  2. Is my roof (or ground) space adequate for roof-mounted solar PV?

  3. What is the best type of solar power solution for me? Why?

  4. What happens if my system does not perform the way you propose?

  5. Who handles the permits, net billing applications, and other requirements?

  6. What is the warranty on my panels? My inverter?

  7. What is the warranty engagement process?

  8. How do I know my system is working as it should?

  9. Can I see my production and usage real-time over the internet?

  10. Do you have references I may speak with?

  11. Are there any recurring costs associated with my solar system?

Even if the salesperson cannot answer these questions, someone from their company should be able to respond to them all within 24 hours. If not, you need to reconsider whether this company should be shortlisted to help with your solar PV investment. There are other questions that you could ask as you are making a 20-year investment in a solar PV system, we are just encouraging you to be an informed solar PV customer.

In 2019, an online survey was done with almost 2,000 participants who have solar PV systems installed and they were asked a specific set of question and their responses were as shown below.

We follow a very consistent and specific process for determining your energy use solutions and also if you need solar PV and just how much PV you should need. We invite you to come talk to us about your solar decision. It wont cost a dime if you don't decide to buy a solar PV system.

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