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PowerSource Industries Limited


PowerSource provides a variety of commercial waste management solutions including;

Waste Food Composters

Our range of Waste Food Composter machines are designed to help all avenues of the food industry to eliminate food waste without [paying for] sending it to the landfill. We cover you from manufacturing to service and our LFC units work 24/7 to ensure you don't have any unnecessary waste and or carbon penalties. Let us assist with your waste management and environmental sustainability programs today. Contact us for details about reducing your waste disposal costs and carbon footprint in Jamaica, St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua, the Bahamas and the wider Caribbean.

Bio-Energy Systems

PowerSource designs and delivers commercial biogas solutions for our clients of all sizes. Bio-energy systems can deliver substantial savings and rewarding ROI when properly designed and system have been known to operate for well over 70 years. We are also proud to partner with our sister company Caribshare Biogas to deliver bio-energy systems on a not-for-profit basis for commercial and community partners alike. Contact us for details about your bioenergy needs.

Industrial Waste-Energy Solutions

If your operation generates waste that may not fit the biodigester process or characteristic, you may need an industrial waste-to-energy solution. Contact us and let us explore your technology options, together.

Contact us now as we work with international partners to deliver these and other solutions to our clients