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PowerSource Industries Limited


Residential LED Lighitng

PowerSource offers residential LED lighting solutions for all your needs including special lighting designs including; candelabra (chandelier), regular LED E27 (Edison based) lights, and outdoor LED lights (waterproof)

Our lights are brighter than you expect and use less than 50% of the power of your existing lighting, in some cases, we may be able to save as much as 90% of your present lighting costs - savings potential is dependent on your current lighting practices. Contact us now for a meaningful conversation about (and purchase of) LEDs to reduce your light bills immediately.

Commercial & Office LED Lighting

PowerSource carries a range of LED tube lights with warranties from 2 - 5 years and even with replaceable and exchangeable drivers. Our lighting solutions can be plain or decorative. Give us a call today and let us give you a quality light that will live and provide your money's worth in effectiveness and in energy savings. Contact us now.

Street & Security LED Lighting

LED streetlights, both regular and solar-powered, are the future of outdoor commercial and industrial lighting. PowerSource provides solutions for commercial, residential and agricultural purposes with factory-backed warranty.

Our lights are factory-direct, designed for the specific grid conditions in the region and come with minimum of 3-year warranties - and may be as much as 7 years. Quality is of prime importance and our lights will outshine the competition for years to come. Contact us now for details.

Specialized Agricultural Lighting

PowerSource provides agricultural lighting for poultry growers and pig breeders and generally for agricultural needs. These lights are made specifically for the animals' environment selected and encourages better feed conversion, better growth patterns, and more energy-efficient farming operations overall. Contact us now for more details on how we can help you reduce your farming costs.