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PowerSource Industries Limited


Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

LEDs are the future of lighting and PowerSource provides lighting solutions for commercial, residential and agricultural purposes. All our lights are factory-direct, designed for the specific grid conditions in the region and come with 3-year and 5-year manufacturers' warranties. Quality is of prime importance and our lights will outshine the competition for years to come while saving you hundreds and thousands of dollars. Our solar-integrated lighting solutions are perfect for stand-alone, off-beat, off-grid, or simply independent lighting.

Smart Energy [Efficiency Management] Solutions

The GEM Link® Wireless energy management system is equally applicable for hotel guestrooms and school/college classrooms as it is for office buildings with areas that may be unoccupied for long periods of time. Lodging Technology is the industry leader in hotel energy management and our GemLink® Wireless system has proven to reduce wasteful HVAC consumption by 35% to 45% in hotels. Our integrated energy management thermostat can manage any HVAC system of any age, manufacturer, model or voltage to give you savings.

Alternative Energy Solutions (Photovoltaic and Hot Water)

Solar energy solutions have long been accessible and affordable in the Caribbean in both photovoltaic and hot-water solutions. Given the high price of fossil-fuel based energy, the cost solar technologies will only get better with time. Powersource provides residential, commercial, industrial and investment-grade solar PV and thermal solutions through factory- and manufacturer-direct relationships, thus providing best quality and output per investment dollar. Come in and talk to us about the solutions that best suit your needs.

Solar Process Heating & Cooling

PowerSource Industries,  formerly the Energy Division of ECHOS, was fundamentally involved with the first commercial solar thermal cooling system developed and implemented in the Caribbean. We maybe able to replace your entire process cooling and or heating loads be it for brewing, broiling or even air-conditioning. Our solutions are designed and built to international standards and come with 20-year life-expectancy and 10-year warranties [minimum]. Our current partners deliver similar solutions at significantly better performance.


PowerSource provides complete project services for waste-to-energy plants using advanced modern technologies. We work with our design and research partners to develop and construct the facilities and through to operational commissioning of all the energy technologies we promote.

Our manufacturing partners are jointly committed to our goal of high-quality project implementation and client satisfaction.