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PowerSource Industries Limited


SMART Power Distribution Panels

Introducing a home energy management platform that makes ordinary circuits smart. Our panel connects to any circuit breaker panel and gives homeowners control over their energy use, PV production and storage. It is intelligent and responsive, keeping an eye on your battery, adjusting to your preferences and ensuring today's complex energy system is running smoothly.

Smart panels are the future of electrical distribution panels. Smart panels give your electrical equipment the ability to directly communicate to you. Instead of spending hours or days gathering the information you need, it arrives in real time. Data is presented clearly on your computer or smart device, giving you the big picture so you can easily keep track of your building’s electrical system status.

GEMLink Wireless Energy Monitor

GEM Link® Wireless was designed primarily for the Hospitality industry. GEM Link® provides hotel owners and management companies with an effective, reliable, and versatile resource to reduce energy expense while maintaining exceptional guest comfort.

Heating and cooling are typically the largest guest room expense, consuming 85% of room energy. However, guests are usually out of their rooms 65% of the day while the HVAC units continue to run unabated. GEM Link® Wireless enables management to reduce wasteful energy consumption 35-45% by returning room temperature to more energy conserving levels while rooms are physically unoccupied. When guests return to their rooms, room temperature quickly returns to the guest’s previous setting. Guests have full control over the environment while in the room, therefore not compromising comfort.

IoT (Internet-based) Energy & Tech Solutions

Energy management systems include sensors, meters, controls, applications and analytics tools which enable users — households, businesses, energy professionals, communities, governments — to monitor, manage and control processes, assets and resources in the supply chain.

Sensor-enabled assets, be it heavy machinery on a plant or a household boiler, can continuously report load and predict overheating, risks of damage or outage on the line. In the case of the plant’s equipment — motors, for example, — prevented damage results in serious saving. Using tracking data analytics, management can find the right balance between optimum performance of the equipment, wear and energy use and ensure a long life for the assets. Contact us for your residential, commercial or industrial solutions.